Abstracts Manager

Overview. An introduction to Abstracts Manager and its many different applications for document and conference management.

Application Overview

Abstracts Manager is a web based, centralized application to manage the submission, distribution, review and management of abstracts and papers. Abstracts Manager's customers conduct better conferences and events by automating most of this labour intensive process and providing delegates, authors and reviewers access to all conference information on-line.

Abstracts Manager is used by associations, conference organizers, conferences, journals, academics, scientific organizations, research organizations, medical associations, symposium, meetings managers and journal publishers. By providing an on-line, centralized location for the collection, management and review of abstracts and papers these different users all improve their speed of communication, reduce costs and offer a better service to their customers, members and delegates.

Abstracts Manager was initially designed for academic, scientific and medical conferences to more accurately and time & cost effectively manage speaker's and delegate's submissions. However associations with a variety of document collection, distribution, review and management needs are using Abstracts Manager to complement their business needs.

A sophisticated administrator control panel enables administrators to tailor the application to meet the specific needs of any conference or journal. For example, the administrator can set-up themes (or streams, topics, etc.), manage authors & reviewers, send as many bulk e-mails as often and as frequently as required, set automated e-mail responses and much more. The control panel automatically enables and disables publicly accessible components of the application depending on what stage a conference is in (e.g. call for papers, reviewing papers, communicating with successful authors). This gives conference administrators and organizing committees full control over their conference submissions from anywhere in the world!

The application enables delegates and potential conference attendees to submit abstracts (and later papers if required) from anywhere in the world into their relevant stream or conference topic. A review stage automatically communicates with reviewers and invites them to log-in and review documents assigned to them.

Once all abstracts and papers have been accepted, Abstracts Manager exports final data in a variety of formats. The data if required can integrate with existing conference software or databases already being used. By collecting information electronically Abstracts Manager can easily prepare conference proceedings on-line, on CD-ROM or output to print. Real-time reporting allows conference managers and committees to see the precise status of conference submissions.

Abstracts Manager is being enhanced to also produce conference programs, sell conference proceedings on-line, provide searchable abstracts and papers, archiving and more.