Abstracts Manager

Abstracts Manager. Centralized collection, review and management of abstracts and papers for conferences

Abstract Management

Abstracts Manager is a web based application which allows organizations to centralize the process of collecting, distributing, reviewing and managing abstracts, papers, and presentations for conferences, meetings and other special events.

Abstracts Manager contains many customizable options to meet any event's specific abstract management needs.

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Potential Uses

Abstracts Manager is designed for conference abstract management and can also be used for tender evaluations, grant submission & management and online assessing.

Abstracts Manager is ideal for:

  • Conference organizers
  • Associations & Academics
  • Medical and scientific groups
  • Research organizations
  • Journals

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Application Benefits

Abstracts Manager helps a conference run more efficiently, increase revenue and significantly reduces the time and costs in managing the logistical needs of academic and scientific conferences. Marketing and communication tools are also provided.

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Save Time. Increase Efficiency. Boost Sales. Improve Communication.

UK & SA Offices Open

Abstracts Manager is pleased to announce the opening of our SA office and UK distributors. Contact your regional office here.

Universities Sign Up

Abstracts Manager is pleased to welcome more world-class universities as customers; Melbourne University & The University of Waikato.

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