Abstracts Manager

Future Developments

Abstracts Manager is in a constant state of improvement to make your next conference even more successful! New benefits soon to be released include:

  • Capture prospects and delegates for marketing purposes by using the new 'expressions of interest' function well before accepting documents. Mass e-mailing capabilities then allows you to stay in regular and inexpensive contact.
  • Output of conference programs to hard copy printer ready versions and print production of conference proceedings
  • Personalized meeting planner for delegates
  • All submitted documents searchable by the general public or just to other authors or delegates
  • Sell or grant access to your conference documents and proceedings on-line
  • Go into our long term database of academic, medical and scientific conferences. Abstracts Manager is aligning with some of the world's biggest publishers to provide content and to generate organizations revenue or to increase the exposure of your members.
  • Sell your conference proceedings on-line via www.abstractsmanager.com
  • Option to charge authors a fee per submission
  • On-line scheduling of conference timetable, room and speaker allocation

For an update on the status of when these additional services will be released please e-mail info@abstractsmanager.com with the details of your interest.