Abstracts Manager

Author Control Panel

The authors control panel is made available on-line when the administrator or committee decides to begin receiving submissions (call for papers or call for abstracts). An administrator would activate the ability for people to register and submit documents from within the administrator control panel. At this point delegates will be able to go to a web page and register themselves in the application.

First time authors are asked to fill out a brief registration form, and returning authors are asked to log-in with the username and password originally given to them. A lost password function is provided for people who may have inadvertently lost or forgotten their password.

Authors when registering or once logged in have the ability to:

  • Edit their contact information,
  • Submit a biography
  • Upload documents, and indicate which stream or theme they are submitting to
  • Make requests for equipment/audio-visual requirements
  • List the title of each of their documents
  • List a summary of their abstract in plain text only (to be used in conference programs)
  • List any co-authors of each abstract being submitted
  • Edit existing documents already submitted
  • Change their password
  • Help/on-line assistance to guide authors through the process

Abstracts Manager allows authors to submit and edit submissions right up until the administrator disables this function. The submission process enables authors to submit multiple documents.