Abstracts Manager


Abstracts Manager is built first and foremost to provide a centralized application for the collection, distribution, review and management of documents.

After customers purchase the application it is accessed on-line from a unique web address such as http://name.abstractsmanager.com/. This Web address can be masked with a domain name if required.

There are three areas of the system (all accessed on-line) to be aware of to gain an overall understanding of how Abstracts Manager operates:

The administrator control panel

Administrators are usually the Organizing Committee, Conference Organizer(s) or person/people most responsible for running and organizing the conference.

Designated administrators manage the application and users of the application (reviewers and authors) as required by the conference or event from this administrator control panel. From here administrators customize their Abstracts Manager application to service their unique needs. For example; set-up system e-mails, create the themes, allocate reviewers to abstracts, etc.

The author control panel

Authors are delegates or people submitting a document they wish to have considered for presentation by a journal or at a conference.

People wishing to submit a document register here and then submit abstracts and papers. Authors are sometimes referred to as delegates or users. This control panel can be disabled and enabled by the administrators.

The reviewer control panel

Reviewers are the people responsible for reviewing the documents submitted by authors.

Reviewers log-in, access documents assigned to them and review documents via this control panel. Reviewers are automatically e-mailed when they are required to review documents allocated to them by the administrators.