Abstracts Manager

Administrator Control Panel

The administrator control panel is the heart and soul of Abstracts Manager. From this on-line, password protected control panel all aspects of the application are managed and controlled. A brief overview of each section of the administrator control panel is outlined below.

Depending on how a conference/event/journal needs to operate, the administrator sets this up via this control panel; from blind reviews to receiving abstracts in particular formats. Our customers have full control over how authors and reviewers will interact with the application, as well as the way the system is branded when authors and reviewers access it.

Main Overview

From within the control panel administrators can view an overview of the entire conference.

Within this menu Administrators can reach all other administrator menus.

The first step in using Abstracts Manager is to foloow the set-up wizard to enter the key data about the conference you are organizing. An overview of some of the key functionality provided follows.

Customize the system branding and operation

From here customers fully brand the application so that it integrates seemlessly with advertising and marketing material:

  • Insert the conference name and conference website
  • Upload a conference logo to appear throughout the application (Abstracts Manager will automatically resize the logo if required)
  • Set the address of the main conference website that users are referred back to when finished using Abstracts Manager
  • Insert a generic contact e-mail address for users to be directed to for questions
  • Customize a footer that appears to all authors and reviewers
  • Set-up the different presentation options that will be at the conference e.g. oral, poster, keynote, session
  • Set-up equipment that will be made available to authors
  • Set-up the streams, themes or categories that will be available at the conference
  • Set a word limit on the biography which authors are requested to provide
  • Designate which fields are mandatory when authors register for access
  • Upload registration instructions for all authors to read when they access the system
  • Set-up the system for blind or normal reviews
  • Upload reviewer instructions for all reviewers to read when they are invited to access the system


  • Set-up the signature to go on all system generated emails
  • Set-up the "from name" and "from email address" that emails will be sent from
  • Set-up the content for automatic emails which are generated:
  • Authors who sign up for an account
  • Reviewers who are allocated an account by the administrator
  • New administrator accounts
  • Reviewers who are assigned documents
  • Authors whose submissions/documents are accepted
  • Authors whose submissions/documents are rejected
  • Create and send bulk emails to conference participants

Controlling System Users

  • Administrator management: Add and manage other users to have access to the system as 'administrators'.
  • Reviewer management: View, add, edit and delete reviewers. Allocate abstracts and papers to different reviewers.
  • Author Management: View, edit and delete registered users and their documents
  • View users who are currently online


  • View, edit and delete the abstracts and/or papers which have been submitted.
  • Mark documents as accepted or declined.
  • Administrators can change a document's presentation type and designate an abstract and/or paper as accepted or rejected.
  • Administrators can quickly accept or decline multiple documents by using the accept or reject buttons.
  • View average scores given by reviewers
  • And more reports and functionality to make managing the documents submitted easy


View reports about different aspects of the conference. Export data for use with other software programs such as MIE Software's Event Manager or any other software.

  • Reports on review ratings and accepted/rejected documents
  • Export various reports or the entire database to various different formats
  • Other reports that are required can be built on a case by case basis