Abstracts Manager

How Our Conference Management Software Works

Following is an extremely broad explanation outlining the operation and use of Abstracts Manager. For an understanding of all the time-saving and revenue generating opportunities read through the Web site or register your interest and an Abstracts Manager representative will contact you.

  • Abstracts Manager is a Web based application hosted on our servers
  • After purchase, customize the application with the details and requirements of your conference, journal or other document submission needs
  • Give authors/delegates access to the application with a simple hyperlink on an existing website or distribute the link to prospective delegates
  • Authors submit abstracts/papers in any document format required, in a template format or as plain text
  • Automatically allocate documents to reviewers
  • Reviewers score submissions on-line (in a collaborative environment if required)
  • Automatic e-mails at all stages communicate with reviewers and delegates
  • Organizers / conference committees monitor the conference progress at all stages on-line:
    • Real-time reporting
    • Download, view, accept, revise and resubmit, reject or withdraw documents
    • View conference progress and submissions
    • Print reports
    • Export data in any format at any time
    • Send mass e-mails
  • Request additional or 'revise and resubmit' submissions if required
  • Any additional development can be custom built
  • Abstracts Manager integrates with existing software and databases
  • Future developments will include:
    • View conference programs and submissions on-line
    • Scheduling of authors, rooms and chairpersons
    • Ability to sell access conference proceedings on-line
    • Gather registrations of interest before accepting submissions