Abstracts Manager


Abstracts Manager uses the very latest in web hosting and web development technology. Based on the popular ASP (Application Service Provider) model, the system is hosted in our data centre and customers do not have to concern themselves with support, upkeep or technical maintenance.

  • Abstracts Manager is the latest product on the market utilizing the latest technologies.
  • State of the art hosting environment; Our servers are strategically located on a major Internet backbone in the heart of Silicon Valley. This makes for a centrally located, very fast and reliable operation. Mirrors around the world ensure that no matter where conference delegates and committees are, they are assured fast and reliable access.
  • Abstract Manager's secret for optimal web hosting reliability and performance is attributed to our extensive experience in fine tuning and monitoring our own custom built servers. Reliability is further enhanced with battery backup and emergency generator power, a climate controlled environment, load balanced servers, standby backup servers, and 24 hour 365 day monitoring of services.
  • Fully scalable development for future expansion and customized changes
  • Compatible with the vast majority of web browsers and operating systems
  • Graphics automatically fixed and resized for use in the application when uploaded
  • Data entered into the application is automatically formatted to ensure consistency. E.g. titles are converted to the same format, text case is automatically changed for consistency, extraneous spaces and characters are removed, etc.