Abstracts Manager

Something for Everyone

Abstracts Manager has multiple benefits for all the different groups involved with running and attending conferences, meetings and journals. Most importantly, Abstracts Manager follows an intuitive process and has been designed and developed by conference organizers, organizing committees and delegates. At all stages the people who attend and run conferences have had a hand in the planning and development of Abstracts Manager.

Conference Organizers / Secretariats

  • Plan and manage all aspects of abstracts, papers and reviewing on-line. Soon also to include scheduling and program printing
  • Customize every aspect of authors and reviewers interaction with the submission site
  • Make changes to the system as required to accommodate changes in the conference or event
  • Communicate directly with authors and reviewers through a sophisticated and easy to use bulk e-mail facility
  • Save significant time and money compared to manual processing
  • Perform a better job for clients by focusing on running the event instead of being caught up managing authors, reviewers, program committees and documents
  • Data collected with Abstracts Manager can integrate with existing information systems so that all conference information is stored in one place
  • Retain full control over the submission and reviewing process
  • Reduce shipping costs and paper handling
  • Reduce to zero the chance of making mistakes, missing deadlines and losing abstracts

Authors and delegates

  • Submit and manage abstracts and papers on-line without needing to contact conference organizers directly
  • Make changes to personal information and submissions independently of conference organizers
  • Draft and prepare submissions as normal but with the added convenience of being able to make submissions right up to the closing date
  • Collaborate with co-authors and draft submissions on-line

Conference Committees and reviewers

  • Maintain closer control over authors and delegates
  • If a committee is spread over a large geographical area and cannot meet in person, Abstracts Manager facilitates on-line, virtual meetings
  • Generate additional revenue by collecting data on-line and selling on CD or on-line after the event
  • Have multiple reviewers review documents and Abstracts Manager automatically averages the score based on quality and relevance
  • Communicate directly with authors

Academic / scientific / medical associations and societies

  • All data is collected and stored in one standardized format
  • Data can be easily archived and retrieved at a later time
  • Run any number of conferences / meetings / symposium at the same time
  • Reference and link to past conference proceedings
  • Create a database of past conference proceedings for long term reference
  • Provide up-to-date, precise and fully searchable abstract or paper submissions on-line without having to re-type
  • Charge for abstract or paper submissions
  • Track delegate, author and reviewer trends for planning future conferences and events
  • Build databases of non-society members


  • Harness the power of Abstracts Manager to simplify, organize and improve the process of receiving and reviewing submissions

Other software providers

  • Abstracts Manager actively seeks to form alliances with software providers and integrates the application's functionality into other programs. See Partners > Software providers for more.