Abstracts Manager

For conference organizers, hosts & organizing committees

Save money

  • Conference committees no longer have to spend valuable time and therefore money liaising with authors and reviewers. The application automates most of this process.
  • The conference organizer is not tied up with dealing with authors requests and manually (via e-mail or even post) receiving and distributing papers and reviewers comments
  • Associations can focus on running the conference and generating delegate interest rather than dealing with existing authors and reviewers needs
  • Use our experience and tips from working with a range of associations and conferences
  • Abstracts Manager offers much more than just a submission and review application. The built in e-mail features avert the need to purchase other third party marketing products for performing mass e-mails to stay in contact with delegates.
  • Cut out the need for any data entry by conference organizers and committees, making a huge saving in staff expenses

Generate revenue

  • Conduct an earlier call for papers by using this "ready to go" application. Abstracts Manager can be up and running within one hour of purchase and later integrate with any internal systems used for a conference
  • Create more interest in the conference by having an early call for papers
  • Sell conference proceedings after the event on CD or by accessing on-line
  • Sell CD-Roms of conference proceedings. Sort by author and title or themes and sub-themes or both.
  • Capitalize on your association's conference and entice delegates to attend by having this sophisticated application in place. It will make their life easier too!
  • Provide conference proceedings on-line to be searched or purchased
  • Encourage authors to recommend the conference to their colleagues via the Abstracts Manager application and the automatically generated e-mails

Improve marketing and communication

  • Add conference and marketing information to the automatic e-mails generated by Abstracts Manager
  • Increase communication with potential delegates through bulk and targeted e-mail capabilities
  • An author and reviewer application that conforms to existing conferences branding, without giving valuable marketing space to a third party product
  • Send mass e-mails from within the Abstracts Manager application to authors, delegates and reviewers
  • Use the Abstracts Manager 'register interest' option to not only capture authors, but other individuals interested in the conference. Use our application to market to them (coming soon)
  • Archive conference submissions each year on-line for long term comparisons
  • Abstracts Manager is branded with your details, not just ours

Increase efficiency

  • Have staff and volunteers maximise their time by using an application that automates arduous and time consuming processes
  • On-line help throughout the application mean authors and reviewers do not need to bother the host organizations for answers.
  • Specific instructions and requirements for using Abstracts Manager makes the process easy and reflect well on the conference organizers and host organization
  • No posting, faxing or e-mailing of abstracts and papers saves everyone time and makes running a conference easier
  • Automatically output to printed programs* (soon to come)
  • Online scheduling* (soon to come)
  • Collect data early and export for other uses later.

Increase the value of a conference and attract more interest

  • Retain abstract and paper submissions for future years
  • Collect all data from authors on-line and export into various formats at a later date to manipulate in any way required
  • Online personalized timetables make the delegate's experience far more enjoyable (coming soon)