Abstracts Manager

The Application Itself: Conference & Meeting Management Software

Fully compatible

  • The application is compatible with all different operating systems and browser versions
  • Fully web based so users do not have to concern themselves with any special hardware or software needs
  • Abstracts Manager can integrate with any existing information system that may be used

Logical and well designed makes roll-out simple and easy

  • Many organizations are not aware or do not have the time to investigate on-line alternatives to managing abstracts and papers. Abstracts Manager is easy to follow, comes with detailed support guides and instruction manuals

Fully customizable conference management system

  • The base application can be tailored to meet the needs of almost any conference
  • Specific changes for any meeting or conference can be built on request

Improved reporting

  • Real time reporting and management of authors and users of the application
  • Up to date real time reports and snap shots of conference performance

Credible long term partner

  • Year after year and conference after conference Abstracts Manger will be there to improve and support your conferences
  • Draw on our experience to improve your organization's credibility

Capitalize on our experience from working with hundreds of different conferences and meetings

  • From our experience of working with a range of conferences we will guide you with examples of how to make your conference run better. The application is pre-built with suggested wording and marketing tips.