Abstracts Manager

MIE Summit Integration

This page outlines how the integration between Abstracts Manager and MIE Software's Summit Event Manager operates.

Customers already using Abstracts Manager are able to integrate the data collected with Summit Event Manager. If any additional functionality outside the scope of what is described below is required to meet the needs of a specific conference please discuss the requirements with Abstracts Manager.

  • The integration of data from Abstracts Manager to Summit Event Manager will occur only once authors have been accepted or rejected. A conference will go through the process of:
    • Accepting abstracts
    • Reviewing abstracts
    • Accepting and declining abstracts
    • Authors of accepted abstracts are invited to submit a final paper
    • Accepting and declining final papers
  • At this point, Abstracts Manager will export only the details of final accepted papers to Summit Event Manager. The data to export is available for download within Abstracts Manager.
  • Sometimes an author within Abstracts Manager may already exist within Summit due to an on-line expression of interest or registration already occurring. As each individual record is imported in Summit it will be possible to manually indicate if a user already exists in Summit and have the data from Abstracts Manager merged into their correct record by entering their Summit PIN.
  • Users may configure the application to authors to upload plain text or documents. For MIE Integration the author will also have to complete a text only 5000 character maximum abstract description field.
  • Abstracts Manager collects some information that is not used in MIE Software. As much as will fit of these fields will be merged into the Papers Notes field in Summit. Reviewers ratings and scores will not be exported.
  • Data that is exported includes:
    • Authors details (name, institution, e-mail, position, contact details, biography)
    • AV requirements
    • Paper/abstract title
    • Paper/abstract text description

Please review this PDF for full details of how the integration process operates.